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Specialist Review and Editing




To achieve maximum impact, your scientific journal article, conference paper, book chapter, or thesis must be clear, articulate, and consistent with the target publication's requirements. We proofread and edit scientific, technical, and academic manuscripts to ensure that they are correct in terms of language, terminology, and style. Our final products comply impeccably with subject-specific practices and achieve the highest level of scientific writing in English. Our options include:

  • ♦ Restructuring and rewording on the sentence and article scales
  • ♦ Improving clarity, flow, readability, consistency, and impact
  • ♦ Manuscript formatting for journal and conference guidelines
  • ♦ Editing reference lists, in-text citations, figures, and tables
  • ♦ Editing coded manuscripts (TeX or LaTeX, HTML, XML, etc.)


Accurate, detailed subject-specific editing and proofreading

Postgraduate-level knowledge across multiple domains allows us to offer the following additional services (described in more detail in our service catalogue):

  • ♦ Abstract preparation
  • ♦ News/press releases
  • ♦ Plain-language summaries
  • ♦ Presentation editing (MS PowerPoint, etc.)
  • ♦ Response letters/rebuttals


Fast turn-around and competitive, convenient payment

Express service can be available, including weekends and holidays. Rates are competitive and we accept major currencies directly (US dollars, Euros, British pounds, or Canadian dollars) by PayPal (credit card), wire transfer, bank draft, or eTransfer (for Canadian clients). Submit your document and order a free quote!


Rely on our international academic qualifications and years of experience

Our years of international experience have included numerous projects for researchers, students, academic institutions, publishers, and international corporations. We have worked with authors from around the globe: Brazil, Chile, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, the United Kingdom, and more. Our commitment to excellence in rendering your ideas appropriately for the target publication has garnered outstanding feedback from clients worldwide.